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6 नवंबर से उर्जा स्टेडियम में झारखण्ड के साथ बिहार की मर्चेंट U-16 टुर्नामेंट के मैच के लिए स्थानीय सपोर्ट अधिकारीयों की घोषणा ........
NOTIFICATION Vijay Merchant Trophy (U16) Tournament (Bihar Vs Jharkhand) For upcoming Vijay Merchant U16 Match to be held at Urja Stadium, Patna from 06th November 2019 to 08th November 2019. the following appointments are made for the needful. The tenure of these assignments shall terminate automatically once the above mentioned match is over. They are requested to report at 11.00 a.m on 5th November,2019 at Urja Stadium, Patna for participating in a meeting for the needful. S.No Name Designation Remarks 01 Ashish Kumar ACLU Officer 02 Ashish kumar Asst. Umpire 03 Raju Rai Liaison Officer of Match Officials 04 Dilip Kumar (DK Pal) Local Manager, Bihar Team 05 Ranjeet Badal Shah Local Manager, Jharkhand Team 06 Amit Yadav Match Convener (Hony. Secretary) BCA

Posted on : ( 04-11-2019 )