Bihar Cricket Association



NOTICE for the SGM to be held on 24th May 2021


                                                            N O T I C E


All the Members (Full & Associate) &

Members of Committee of Management,

Bihar Cricket Association

SUBJECT: Special General Body Meeting under Rule 12 (1) (c) of the Constitution of Bihar Cricket Association.


In view of the discussion held in the virtual meeting dated: 18.04.2021, wherein full members &  Associate Members participated; I am issuing this notice for convening SGM of General Body of BCA to be held on 24th May, 2021 at 12:00 pm at Hotel Alkazar in, Kankarbagh, Patna- 800020, wherein following businesses shall be transacted:

1.         Discussion & Decision to confirm the minutes of the last SGM dated 30.08.2020.

2.         Discussion & Decision on the issue of conducting Bihar Cricket League and not obeying the direction(s) issued by the BCCI.

3.         Discussion & Decision on constituting Governing Council of BCA.

4.   A- Discussion & Decision to constitute a committee to look the affairs of Bihar cricket association.

 B-    Discussion and decision of the power and function of the committee constituted under Agenda No. 4/A.

5.         Discussion & Decision to nominate Representative to represent BCA in the meetings of BCCI.

6.         Discussion & Decision of the issue of renewal/appointment of Hon'ble Ethics Officer and Hon'ble Ombudsman.

7.         Discussion & Decision to confirm the decision of the Steering Committee held in its meeting dated 27.03.2021.

8.         Discussion & Decision on the appointment of the Selection Committees, Various Sub-Committees as provided in the Constitution of BCA.

9.         Discussion & Decision on the appointment of CEO, Logistic Officer, Managers etc.

10.       Discussion and Decision on the financial status/matter of BCA.

11.       Any other matter with the permission of chair.

Note-1  Any members desirous to add any further and/or another business to be transacted must sent their requisition on or before 17th May, 2021 so that same may also been circulated among the members through emails and/or be informed by publishing the same on the website.

Note-2  If CORONA guidelines issued by Government do not permit to hold physical meetings on the schedule date of the SGM then the said SGM shall be held in virtual mode on same date and time and the link for the meeting shall be sent on 23.05.2021.

Note-3  Only those members shall be allowed to participate in the meeting who are eligible as per the recommendation of Hon'ble Justice Lodha Committee and Constitution of BCA.

Note-4: Electrol officer is present in this meeting as special invites.


Sanjay Kumar

Honorary Secretary

Bihar Cricket Association

Posted on : ( 03-05-2021 )